Online Financial Education


VALOR is a financial education program created exclusively for America’s servicemembers, and it includes free online education through lifecents™. Lifecents helps people gain insights into their financial health and creates personalized wellness plans to help each individual improve in the areas that are most important to them.

How does lifecents™ work?

It all starts with a holistic financial health assessment. It is like getting an annual physical at the doctor, but this evaluation is for an individual’s financial health. People often have “aha” moments when they get the results of their assessment. Such awareness is a powerful motivator.

The financial health assessment evaluates three dimensions of an individual’s financial health: 1. their financial “IQ”; 2. their behavioral wellness; and 3. their financial outlook. As importantly, the assessment is a safe, private, and secure way to evaluate the overall financial health of individuals.

New information is presented to the user based on their results of the financial health assessment. This creates highly personalized learning experiences which is important in personal finance because personal finance is, well, personal. Participants are also free to explore other topics in lifecents™ that interest them.

Why lifecents™ is effective?

Everyone is different. We all have different financial needs and we are all starting from different places. lifecents™ is an online financial education program designed to provide you with personalized guidance and support on your journey to improved financial health. Your experience will be – and should be – different from everyone else.

Think of lifecents™ as your personal financial doctor that will help you diagnose and understand some of your financial issues that need attention! Once you and your doctor understands what your symptoms are, it is much easier to identify the “illness” and prescribe the best “medicine.”

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